RTI is your local phone provider, but we’re also much more than that. We’re the friendly people who work hard to be sure you’re getting the best possible service. We’re here when you have a problem or a question. You can always expect a real person to answer your call and help you with all of your telecommunications needs.


Residential Flat Rate $16.60 (per month)

**Additional fees apply: FCC line charge $6.50; county E-911 $1.00; RSPF $0.10; OUSF $1.41 and ARC $2.50. Additional fees are subject to change. Please call for more detail.

Business Flat Rate $32.00 (per month)

**Additional fees apply: FCC Single line charge $6.50; FCC multi-line charge $9.20; county E-911 $1.00; RSPF $0.10; and OUSF $2.75. Additional fees are subject to change. Please call for more information.

Add Phone Features

Class services are provided only between central offices equipped with SS7 technology and class capabilities. 

The Company cannot guarantee that Caller ID Blocking, both Call Blocking and Line Blocking, will be successful. The sole liability of the company due to errors, omissions or mistakes with respect to blocking shall be to refund the service charges for blocking, (if applicable), and the Company shall not otherwise be liable for any damage whether consequential, incidental, special, or otherwise. 

A customer originating Call Trace will not receive the trace telephone number under any circumstances. 

The results of Call Trace will be furnished only to legally constituted law enforcement agencies or authorities upon proper request by them.

Additional Listing $1.50 Call Trace(*57)
Voice Mail Basic $4.95
Anonymous Call Rejection(*77) $2.00 Distinctive Ring $2.00
Voice Mail Plus $6.95
Automatic Call Return Distinctive Ring on Revertive Calls $2.00
Voice Mail Enhanced $14.95
Call Block Last Call Return(*69) $.75
Name & Number $7.00
Call Forwarding(*72) $2.00

Last call Return deactivation(*89)
Voice Mail Basic, Name & Number, Caller ID, Call Waiting $9.95
Call Forward Busy $2.00 Long Speed Calling - 30 Numbers(*75) $5.00
Call Forward Do Not Answer $2.00 Priority Call(*61) $2.00
Voice Mail Plus, Name & Number, Caller ID, Call Waiting $10.95
Call Forward Remote Access $2.00Selective Call Acceptance(*64) $2.00
Calling Name & Number $6.00 Selective Call Forwarding(*63) $2.00
Additional Directory Listing $1.50
Calling Name & Number w/Call Wait. $7.00 Selective Call Rejection(*60) $2.00
Directory Service(411) $.85
Calling Number ID Only $4.50 Short Speed Calling & Number(*74) $2.00
Non-Published Directory Service $4.00
Calling Number ID w/Call Waiting $6.50 Distinctive Ring Fax Line $2.00

Call Waiting $2.00 Three-Way Calling $2.00
Cancel Call Waiting(*70) $2.00SIM Ring(*55) $2.00

Continuous Redial(*66) $3.00 Line Blocking(*67)
Return Check Fee $25.00


RTI-CONNECT Long Distance

Call 503-368-5116 today to find out more about our long distance service.

Unlimited Long Distance


$.07/Minute Long Distance


$.10/Minute Long Distance

 (NO Monthly Fee)


RTI is not just your local telephone provider anymore, we can now provide your long distance service. With RTI Long Distance, you can have all the advantages that the large national long distance companies offer, but with the great customer service, you have come to know and respect from RTI. 

The benefits include: 

  • Customer service from the people you know. (Isn’t it great to talk to a live person?)
  • Long Distance and Local Service charges all on ONE bill 
  • The ability to keep your money within the community to benefit the community. 

Support Local Schools

If you are an RTI customer you can put your long distance calls to use. Every-time you pick up the phone and complete a long distance call; RTI will donate ($.01) per call to our local schools. So…the more you use it the more you will benefit our local kids.


Phone FAQs

How do I establish new phone service?
Who do I call if I have questions regarding my service or billing?
Can I hide my number from other when calling out?
Can I stop calls from those hiding their number?
How do I know what calling features are available and how do I get them?
Can I stop 900 number charges?
Can I hide my number from others?
Can I stop calls from those hiding their ID?
Can I stop telemarketers from calling me?
How can I stop being “slammed”?
What is cramming?
Interlata, Interstate, Intrastate?
Does RTI offer long-distance?

Forms & Applications

Download the needed form or application below by clicking on the name of the file you need. All forms and applications are Adobe Acrobat Reader files (.pdf ), and will require Acrobat Reader to view them.

Title Type Size
pdf Autopay Agreement pdf 234 KB Download
pdf CPNI Form pdf 294 KB Download
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