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FAQ - Questions About RTI Cellular Service

Q. How may I establish cell phone service with your company?

A. You may call our office toll free at (888) 366-7821 or visit our office located at 322 Main Street Ione, Washington 99139

Q. How may I pay my bill?

A. You may pay your bill in person at our office, via US Mail, or over the phone with a VISA or MasterCard. The on-line payment feature should be available soon.

Q. What areas do you cover?

A. We have an extensive nationwide network area, one of the largest cell phone networks in the country.

Q. May I keep my phone when I switch cell phone companies?

A. Generally, you'll have to buy a new phone. The U.S. does not have a single standard wireless phone network technology, and most cell phones are designed to work on only one type of network. That means when you switch from one cell phone company to another with an incompatible network, you'll have to get a new phone.

Q. May I buy different accessories for each phone?

A. Yes. In fact, you'll need to choose the phone before you can shop for accessories. This helps you determine which phone you are buying accessories for and lets us provide you with a list of compatible accessories.

Q. May I buy accessories separately?

A. Yes, just select the phone you want to buy accessories for and we'll show you what accessories are available.

Q. May I buy more accessories later?

A. Sure, come back as often as you want to buy new accessories.

Q. What type of phones do you offer?

A. Please visit our web site to see our latest phone or call toll free 1-888-366-7821 for a current list.

Q. What is mobile to mobile?

A. If you have a family plan you can call anyone within your plan without it being applied to or affecting your minutes. If you have a single plan you can call anyone within the RTI Wireless community without it going against your minutes. (A monthly charge applies to mobile-to-mobile on the single plan)

Q. Is it possible to connect to the Internet with my cell phone?

A. Yes, please call toll free 1-866-366-7821 for a price list.

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