RTI History
1979: Company began with a handful customers in rural Idaho. Phone cable routes were walked by foot.
1985: Boise River and Prairie were added to Idaho’s service area. Service territory expanded to include Jarbidge and Red Rock, NV.
1988: North Fork and Tuscarora, NV exchanges acquired. The area included two of the largest ranches in the U.nites States and several large gold mining operations. Systems known as “shared/sometimes” meant they were less than totally reliable, as they were shared with teething coyotes and itchy cattle.

Tipanuk and Atlanta, ID was also added to RTI’s service area. Between these two towns that lay between Mountain Home and Boise, there were a mere 50 residents sharing 391-square-miles. Getting service to them was no easy task. Especially in Atlanta, which boasts only two roads in or out—one of which is closed in the winter and the other one that is only open when the snow isn’t too deep.
The Idaho Public Utilities Commission turned to RTI to restore existing but deteriorating services to the Shoup Idaho area, where magneto phones and aerial cable strung on whatever was handy were the norm. The area runs along 60 miles of Idaho’s famous River of No Return in the Frank Church Wilderness area that is famous for its natural beauty, plentiful fishing, and exhilarating white water rafting.
1990: New digital phone system installed in the Shoup service area attracts Rural Electrification Administration (REA) dignitaries and national media attention.
1997: RTI purchases Pend Oreille Telephone Company in Ione, WA from GTE. First fiber lines installed in Pine, ID.
2004: RTI purchases Nehalem Telecommunications, which was originally founded in 1904. Service area includes Nehalem, Manzanita, and areas throughout northern Tillamook County, OR.
Present day:
  • Fiber being installed in all areas. DSL services expanding.
  • New soft switch serves Idaho customers.
  • USDA provides grant to upgrade services to Nevada customers.
  • Company rebrands under RTI logo as RTI, RTI-Pend Oreille and RTI-Nehalem Telecom.
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