Your Landline may save your Life

If you are considering disconnecting your landline telephone service, think again!

Landline telephone services provide unique benefits that are not available with cell phones. For example, in an emergency, your landline phone provides enhanced 911 services that pinpoints your location, even if you are unable to speak.

A landline phone plugged directly into your phone jack is always ready for your use, unlike a cell phone that may need to be located, turned on or recharged. Even during power outages, your landline phone service can become an important lifeline for you and your family.

Case in Point
A few years back, RTI customers in Nehalem, OR, lost electrical service during a major winter storm. The storm also knocked out cellular service in the area. What did work? Their RTI landline phones!

So, if you are thinking you might save a few dollars by disconnecting your landline, remember this: Your landline just may be your only line to help during an emergency. Isn’t that worth the small price you pay for your phone service?

Be prepared. Keep your landline active and a corded phone plugged in. You never know when you might need them.

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