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Cellular Features

3-Way Calling You may talk with two people at the same time with a three-way conversation on your wireless phone. Airtime and other charges, which may include long distance charges, will apply for all calls. Airtime applies to all simultaneous calls and to forwarded/transferred calls even if you send the call to landline telephones.

411 Directory Assistance Dial 411 for local or national listings. The call will automatically connect. There is a per-call charge of $1.50 plus airtime charges.

*Call Forwarding Forward your calls to another phone number, such as your home or office number. Your wireless phone will not ring until you deactivate the service. Airtime applies to forwarded/transferred calls even if you send calls to a landline telephone. An additional charge of 15¢ per minute applies for calls forwarded from your wireless phone. When forwarding calls to phone numbers outside your calling area, you'll be billed for any long distance and airtime charges incurred.

Call Waiting Call Waiting lets you take a second call without ending the first conversation. When you are talking on the phone, a special tone alerts you that someone is calling. After you hear the Call Waiting tone, you'll have approximately 30 seconds to answer before the second caller hears a standard message or is forwarded to voice mail. If you answer the call, airtime and other usual charges will apply to both calls until you end one call. Airtime applies to all simultaneous calls and to forwarded/transferred calls even if you send the call to landline telephones.

Caller ID See the caller's phone number before you take the call. Caller ID may display the name and number of the person calling your wireless phone (for all unblocked numbers). It may also display the name of the person if you've stored it in your phone's memory. Caller ID is not available on all calls, on all equipment, or in all areas.

No Answer - Transfer When activated, calls will be forwarded to another number after approximately four to six rings. Long distance charges may be incurred. Airtime charges apply to forwarded/transferred calls even if you send the call to a landline telephone.

Text Messaging Text Messaging is a two-way text messaging service. Send and receive text messages of up to 160 characters on your two-way messaging-capable phone. Anyone subscribing to a calling plan will receive text-messaging capability. You will incur per-message charges of 15¢ per messages sent and 15¢ per message received. Bundle price plans are also available.

Voice Mail Voice Mail takes a message when you can't answer the phone. You will receive a ‘message waiting’ indicator to let you know a message has been left for you. Airtime applies to message retrievals from your wireless phone. CTA is not liable for missed voice mails or deletions of voice mails from your mailbox, even if you saved them.

* 15¢/Minute For Outbound Calls

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