FAQs - Questions About Cable

Q. What areas does Rural Telephone service for Cable Television?

A. We currently provide cable TV to Glenns Ferry, ID.

Q. How do I establish TV service?

A. Call 366-2700 or come in to our office and pick up an application.

Q. How do I pay my bill?

A. You may place your payment in the drop box conveniently located at Pioneer Federal Credit Union, in person at our office, by mail or credit card auto pay.

Q. What channels are offered?

A. Click here for Channel Line-up

Q. What should I do if my cable goes out?

A. You may report an outage by calling 208-366-2614 ext. 14.

Q. If I'm a renter, will Rural install additional outlets?

A. Yes, however, you will need to obtain written permission from your landlord authorizing this installation.

Q. What makes HDTV different from the TV I have now?

A. Traditional televisions operate on a technical standard developed by the NTSC (National Television Systems Committee) and uses analog technology to deliver broadcast signals to your home. HDTV uses digital technology that is capable of delivering up to twice the resolution or picture quality and CD quality sound. The screen is also one-third wider than a regular TV, making it similar to the proportions of a movie screen.

Q. Will HDTV sets make mine obsolete?

A. No. Your current television will simply not be capable of producing the same sound and picture quality that a HDTV set provides.

Q. When will Rural Telephone have HDTV programming available?

A. Broadcast networks were the first to receive HDTV licenses, so it depends on when they choose to transmit HDTV signals.

Q. How can I request a channel not currently carried on my channel line-up?

A. You can call 366-2614 and speak with a customer service representative to submit requests for new channels. Channel requests help us to make decisions when we have the ability to add or change a channel line-up.

Q. How does Rural Telephone choose what channels it carries?

A. There are many different factors that contribute to the selection of programming for RTI. Some of the deciding factors are cost, subscriber demand, ratings and availability of open channels on our cable system.

Q. How do I order a PPV movie?

A. PPV movies can only be ordered by customers that have digital cable service (Bronze package or higher). While in one of the PPV listing menus, press select to highlight the program you want to order. Press select again and highlight the desired start time. Press select again to confirm you want to pay for that particular movie.

Q. Can I watch cable TV while using my Internet?

A. Yes. You can watch TV and be on the Internet at the same time.

Q. Do you offer any special packages?

A. Yes. When you order cable TV and cable high-speed Internet together, we offer a $10 per month discount.

Q. Why isn't my TV getting any reception?

A. Make sure you've set up your TV properly by going over the following checklist:

  • Purchase coaxial cable from RTI. If you are using your own cable, make sure it's high quality. A poor cable will give you fuzzy reception. Also, make sure the ends of the cable aren't frayed, loose, or exposed. The metal tips at the ends should be unbent.
  • Plug your cable into the correct wall port. It's located at the same wall plate as your phone and data ports. Only use the port from the same wall plate as your phone.
  • Make sure you've properly connected the cable to your TV, VCR, and/or cable box and that the connections are tight. Consult the TV and VCR manuals if you're unsure about the setup.
  • If your television supports cable then be sure to turn it on. This may either be in the form of a knob on the front or back of you television or it may be listed as an onscreen menu option. If more than one type of cable is listed ie. HSC, STD, and IRC, only use STD.
  • If you are still unable to solve the problem, please contact RTI and to schedule an appointment.

Q. There isn't a jack on the back of my TV to connect the cable to.

A. If there is no place on your TV to connect the cable to, you probably have an older model TV that is not "cable ready". If you brought a VCR with you, you may find an appropriate jack on the back of the VCR. If this is the case, you may use your VCR as your TV tuner. Other options are to purchase a cable converter box or upgrade your TV.

Q. Why can't I receive any channels on my TV?

A. There are several things you need to check:

  • Have you programmed the channels? If not, refer to your manual.
  • Is your TV cable ready? Have you checked your coax cable?
  • Be sure your coax cable is plugged securely into the wall jack and into the cable jack on your TV or VCR.
If you've checked all of the above, take the following steps to rule out defective equipment:
  • Borrow a cable from someone and try it on your TV, this will rule out a problem with your cable.
  • If you know your cable is good, plug your TV (with your cable) into a different cable jack OR try a different TV with your cable jack. This will rule out a problem with your jack.
  • If your TV works okay in another jack, then the problem is probably with the jack and it should be reported.
  • If another TV works okay in your jack, then the problem is probably with your TV.

Q. My cable jack appears to be broken. Who do I contact?

A. Contact RTI at 208-366-2614. You will need to be there when the technician comes to do the repair, so please leave information about when and how you can be contacted to set up an appointment.

Q. Can I stop my children from watching specific channels?

A. Yes. The Cable TV Converter has a Parental Control feature that lets you lock-out and unlock channels. Refer to your manual for instructions.

Q. Does the FCC regulate cable rates?

A. No. Under federal law, rates for other service tiers, pay-per-channel programming and pay-per-program services are not regulated. This means that a cable company can charge what it chooses for these services.

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